Port of Rostock

Ferries and Ferry Companies Operating
(Rostock, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany)

There are three companies operating ferries from the port of Rostock to ports in other countries. They are: Scandlines, TT-Line and Superfast.


Scandlines shipping company carries 20 million passengers, 4 million cars, almost 1 million trucks and 110,000 railcars every year.

The company services 14 routes in the triangle between Germany, Denmark and Sweden with a number of majestic ferries.

Scandlines offers nine daily sailings to Gedser which take approximately 2 hours. Both Prins Joachim and Kronprins Frederik ferries service the route and are both equipped with many modern facilities such as conference rooms, slot machines, a restaurant and bistro, Baltic Sea shop and sun deck. Prins Joachim has a passenger capability of 977 and a capacity for 210 cars. Kronprins Frederik is a slightly bigger vessel that can accommodate up to 1082 passengers and 210 cars.

Scandlines also offers three daily crossings to Trelleborg in Sweden. This journey takes about 5 hours, 45 minutes. Mecklenburg-Vorpommern services the journey and is packed with a wide range of facilities for passengers. It is a large ferry capable of carrying 600 passengers and 445 cars. Onboard facilities include an information desk, bureaux de change, slot machines, free-flow restaurant, cinema and video rooms, children's playroom and sun deck.

TT Lines

TT-Lines is a privately-owned company that has been running a direct ferry service between Germany and southern Sweden since 1962. It provides first-class services and impressive ferries and connects Rostock to Trelleborg in Sweden. Two daily sailings provide crossings in 6 hours. The route is serviced by Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, which both house 326 cabins for 400 passengers, a shopping area, children's area and a restaurant.

Superfast Ferries

The youngest and the fastest fleet serving the port, Superfast Ferries offers a daily sailing to Hanko, in Finland. Ferries usually travel overnight, reaching Hanko after 22 hours of travel.
Superfast VII and Superfast VIII offer a fast and comfortable service. Both ferries can accommodate 626 passengers and 900 cars. They boast outstanding onboard facilities featuring an à la carte restaurant, self service restaurant, disco lounge, casino, bar lounge, children's playroom, boutique, shops, drivers' lounge, reception lounge, card room, video games room, sauna, jacuzzi and massage areas, and conference rooms.

Rostock Port

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